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Cellular Phone (other simply called Cell phone or mobile phone) is a basic necessity for now days as we entered to a new busy world of generation where everybody is seeking for their new path of career, life style and form of life. Cellphones - is a long-range and a portable electronic device which used for mobile communication by giving people to access in some cases just like legal services, medical attention, and more. In an upcoming year, the mobile telephone has gone from being rare and expensive equipment of the business elite to a pervasive and low-cost of personal needs. Therefore, don't be late… "If the train is late, I will cell phone you".

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Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition - Windows Mobile Devices launched

Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition - Now you can enjoy the web on the go, beyond hotspot. Use your favorite web services, network with your friends and find the coolest places to go near you. Keep connected to the internet beyond hotspot with metropolitan wide XOHM WiMAX mobile network. Use your favorite web services just like on your PC with a hi-res touch screen and full browser. Make internet calls, email, chat or blog on the spot with the integrated QWERTY keyboard. Explore your neighborhood and discover new places with built-in GPS. Upgrade to turn-by-turn voice guided navigation to make seeking fun even easier.


  • WEB - Create, update, and explore on the move, with an integrated QWERTY keyboard and high resolution 4.13 inches widescreen touch display. Browser powered by Mozilla with Adobe Flash 9.
  • COMMUNICATION - Chat, interact, and stay in touch via Skype, Google talk, or Gizmo, with integrated VGA web camera. Email application and web-based email support.
  • ENTERTAINMENT - Stream and store your music and videos with 2GB of internal storage and memory expansion slot compatible with cards up to 8GB.
  • NAVIGATION - Know your location and see what's around with the map application. Upgrade to turn by turn voice guided navigation with car holder included in the sales pack.
Download: Manual | Driver

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